Train Line New Items 2022

Train Line announced the first new items for 2022:

RhB Gmf 4/4 #243

  • 2050100 Diesel Locomotive, Type Gmf 4/4, RhB, #243 (Analog/DCC) – MSRP € 899,00
  • 2050102 Diesel Locomotive, Type Gmf 4/4, RhB, #243 (Analog/DCC with Sound and Smoke) – MSRP € 1.099,00

RhB Tm 2/2 & Tmf 2/2

  • 2050200 – Diesel Locomotive, Type Tmf 2/2, RhB (Analog/DCC) – MSRP € 599,00
  • 2050202 – Diesel Locomotive, Type Tmf 2/2, RhB (Analog/DCC with Sound) – MSRP € 679,00 Euro
  • 2050300 – Diesel Locomotive, Type Tm 2/2, RhB (Analog/DCC) – MSRP € 599,00
  • 2050302 – Diesel Locomotive, Type Tm 2/2, RhB (Analog/DCC with Sound) – MSRP € 679,00

Train Line will also produce the RhB Type Ge 4/4 “Bernina Krokodil” electric locomotive, only if a sufficient number of preorders has been achieved. The introductory prices are valid until 31/12/2021.

  • 2050400 – Electric Locomotive, Type Ge 4/4 “Bernina Krokodil”, RhB, #182 (Analog/DCC) – MSRP € 1.099,00
  • 2050402 – Electric Locomotive, Type Ge 4/4 “Bernina Krokodil”, RhB, #182 (Analog/DCC with Sound) – MSRP € 1.379,00

Train Line’s next focus is on delivering the HSB T1 rail cars, followed by the RhB Type Ge 4/6 electric locomotive, both of which were announced in earlier years.

Source: Train Line

MBW Announces 1 Scale DB V 90 / BR 290

German manufacturer MBW announces the German DB Type V 90 / BR 290 diesel locomotive as a new item. A list of available versions will follow later. MSRP € 1.499,00, delivery is planned for April 2022.

Wikipedia DB V 90 BR 290
Image Source: Wikimedia

Source: MBW Modellbahnen

LGB Announces RhB “Capricorn” for 2022

The Swiss RhB railway has introduced the Type ABe 4/16 electric multiple unit in service in 2020, LGB has now announced they will produce a G scale model of the “Capricorn” nicknamed railcar in 2022.

LGB’s introductory video is in German, but at least you get an impression of the railcar in action on the Rhaetian Railway.

Source: YouTube – LGB

Read More: Rhaetian Railway – Capricorn Railcar

Massoth Announces New Version of Switching Coupler

In their latest newsletter, Massoth announces a new Switching Coupler (Art.No. 8442000), the successor to the popular Automatic Uncoupler (Art.No. 8414002).

Massoth 8442000 Switching Coupler

The automatic uncoupler (#8414002) was in use for the last nine years. Now it is being replaced by the new Shunting Coupler, which not only looks different, but also differs significantly in operation. It features, among other things, completely revised control electronics with a limit switch and pluggable connection cable, a new type of Uncoupler plate together with running boards and a new coupler hook. The uncoupling plate has a visually appealing checker plate design, which is also used to uncouple the symmetrical coupler.

Manual uncoupling by hand is now also conveniently possible thanks to the two small side running boards. If you don‘t like these running boards, you can simply cut them off with a pair of pliers.

The Switching Coupler is fastened by means of a screw at the place where the hook-and-loop coupler was previously mounted. For LGB and PIKO the appropriate mounting material is included. The Uncoupler is connected to the decoder with the enclosed connection cable (for
the first time, the uncoupler also has its own connection socket). By means of a limit switch, the Uncoupler adjusts itself each time it is put into operation. At the first switching via the hand controller, the motor retracts until the hook reaches the integrated limit switch and switches off. The new shunting coupler is suitable for any commercially available digital decoder. The integrated buffering allows it to work properly even on decoders with insufficient output stabilization.

Production is already running at full speed. The Shunting Coupler is expected to be available in a double pack from September at an MSRP of € 99.00 incl. VAT under item number #8442000. The Shunting Coupler replaces the previously known Automatic Uncoupler #8414002, which is no longer available. All backorders for the Automatic Uncoupler #8414002 will be automatically replaced by the new Shunting Coupler #8442000 at the same price and will be delivered chronologically as soon as available.

Massoth 8442000 Switching Coupler, 2 Pack – MSRP € 99,00

Source: Massoth

ESU Pullman Announces RhB Tm 2/2 and DFB “Plattformwagen” in 2m Scale

In their Fall New Items 2021 (DE: Herbstneuheiten 2021) brochure, ESU announced the RhB Tm 2/2 diesel locomotive and the DFB type “Plattformwagen” passenger cars in their 2m scale Pullman range.

RhB Tm 2/2 – MSRP € 1.995,00

  • 30490, Diesellok, IIm, Schöma TM 2/2 lang, 116 RhB, orange, Ep. VI, DC/AC
  • 30491, Diesellok, IIm, Schöma TM 2/2 lang, 115 RhB, orange, Ep. VI, DC/AC
  • 30492, Diesellok, IIm, Schöma TM 2/2 lang, 119 RhB, orange, Ep. VI, DC/AC
  • 30493, Diesellok, IIm, Schöma TM 2/2 kurz, 111 RhB, orange, Ep. VI, DC/AC
  • 30494, Diesellok, IIm, Schöma TM 2/2 kurz, 114 RhB, orange, Ep. VI, DC/AC

Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke Plattformwagen – MSRP € 695,00

  • 36640, Personenwagen, IIm, Plattformwagen, AB 4453, DFB
  • 36641, Personenwagen, IIm, Plattformwagen, ABD 4554, DFB
  • 36643, Personenwagen, IIm, Plattformwagen, B 4229, DFB

Link: ESU Fall New Items 2021 (PDF)

Source: ESU

Bachmann Delivers New Baldwin 4-6-0 Locomotives

Bachmann is delivering their new Baldwin 4-6-0 steam locomotive, which comes in four variants:

  • 91801 Baldwin 4-6-0 D&RGW Flying Grande #170
  • 91803 Baldwin 4-6-0 D&RGW Bumblebee #176
  • 91804 Baldwin 4-6-0 Black, Unlettered
  • 91805 Baldwin 4-6-0 Christmas

The 4-6-0’s are analog, but are ready for installation of a (sound) decoder as they already contain a loudspeaker. MSRP $ 999.00.

Source: Bachmann Trains


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