HSB Rollböcke

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  • “Rollböcke” = very small narrow gauge freight cars with their only function being that standard gauge freight cars can be placed on them. A narrow gauge Rollböcke is placed under each axle of the standard gauge freight car.
  • “Rollbockgrube” = the construction where standard gauge freight cars are loaded onto the narrow gauge Rollböcke, either fully automated or semi automated.
  • 1897 –
  • 1909 – NWE – buys 34 Rollböcke from Görlitz factory, numbered NWE 533 to 566.
  • 1984 – Selketalbahn now allows Rollböcke to travel on the network, until this point the minimum clearance outline did not allow it
  • With the reopening of the Strassberg – Stiege route, the Stiege – Alexisbad route was adapted for use of Rollböcke / Rollwagen.
  • Problem with Görlitz Rollböcke: no brakes.
  • 1993 – HSB – More than 10 Görlitz Rollböcke remaining.
  • 1998 – HSB – Görlitz Rollböcke are replaced with 10 modern “Vevey” (later Bombardier) Rollböcke, which have brakes and are easier to operate.
  • Vevey Rollböcke are bright pink on the HSB line.
  • 1998 – HSB – New rollbockgrube in Nordhausen is constructed. Blue color.
  • 2004 – HSB – Rollbockgrube in Wernigerode is demolished.
  • Today – HSB – Rollbockgrube in Nordhausen still in use with Vevey Rollböcke.
  • General:
    • Ein Regelspurfahrzeug auf Rollböcke wird als “aufgebockt” bezeichnet.

2m Scale Models HSB Rollböcke Görlitz

Modelbouw Boerman

LSTB Notes: Machine made, prototypical, accurately scaled, high detail.

2m Scale Models HSB Rollböcke Vevey

Swiss Trains

LSTB Notes: Machine made (TBC), prototypical, accurately scaled, high detail.

Tobias Koch

  • Available for MOB, BAM & HSB
  • MSRP: € 75,00 each
  • Contact (DE): koch-to@web.de

LSTB Notes: Machine made (3D Print, SLS), prototypical, accurately scaled, high detail. 3D printed, thus potentially having quite rough surfaces.

Modelbouw Boerman

  • Type Vevey rollböcke sold as Type “Görlitz” in pink, thus not prototypical
  • Set of 2, MSRP: € 99,95
  • Website (DE/NL): http://modelbouwboerman.nl

LSBT Notes: Machine made, not prototypical. Avoid!


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